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Friday, April 13, 2012

Rock-N-Roll Royalty Richie Scarlet Rifleman Riff Master Part I

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Emperor of Rock, Richie Scarlet, has quite an illustrious career presently cranking out high decibel guitar riffs forming his new hard-hitting band - "The Richie Scarlet Show". Possessed with pure musical talent and raw adrenalin, Glam-Rocker Richie Scarlet leaves audiences completely spellbound and hypnotized with his high energy performances unmatched by any of his contemporaries, night after night. His musical resume reads like an NYC phone book sized encyclopedia of rock stars ranging from Kiss guitarist, Ace Frehley, Kiss drummer, Peter Criss, on to Sebastion Bach from Skidrow, Leslie West of Mountain, Corky Laing, Mark Hitt - Rat Race Choir and John Entwistle Band, Alice Cooper, Dennis Dunaway, Carmine Appice, as the list just goes on and on, Richie Scarlet has successfully carved out an eclectic musical history within the hard rock genre.
On a personal level, one couldn't ever come across such a more humble and generous guy, spending over-time signing autographs while mingling with dedicated fans here in the States and spanning the globe in Japan, Hong-Kong, Australia, England, Germany and Holland. Richie's most recent CD release, 'Fever', showcases a rich cornucopia of finely crafted hard rock songs featuring "March Of The Crimson Ones". A curiously alluring electric guitar journey, hypnotically leading us through a series of multi-layered stellar guitar segments climaxing into an epic dual solo arrangement. Elegantly searing through an ethereal synergy that scorches the midnight hour with laser precision licks, ritualistically intoxicating the masses into a state of purified hysteria......culminating into a Heavy Metal Baptism. Whispers of a digitally re-mastered box-set are floating about including all solo releases and a special edition including live performances of unreleased collaborations. Tirelessly maintaining a busy itinerary while naturally reinventing himself, new projects are emerging as fans can expect a new video release in May of Richie and Dee Snyder (Twisted Sister) covering a cool version of "Mack The Knife" - part of Dee's new CD release titled - "Dee Does Broadway". Expect this project to turn some heads showcasing a classic song with a progressive twist of Rock-n-Roll wizardry.

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    And while I'm here, a special thanks to Joann Scarlet and of course, Blues Man, Hard-Rock guitarist, Musician extraordinaire, Richie Scarlet, The Emperor of Rock-n-Roll!