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Monday, April 30, 2012

Gods of Thunder - KISS - Featuring Ace Frehley and Company

Immortal Metal Gods, KISS, fired their high velocity silver bullets from their hips of dangling whips and chains while reveling in the moments of the dark-glam, macho-glitz, image, central within their characters in this pact of secretive existence through a self-imposed exile of macabre and elaborate make-up prep while heavily cloaked in tight, multi-layered, leather garb. KISS, single-handedly adrenalized and turned on a generation of youth that manifested into a global phenomena boasting a full-on standing KISS ARMY of thousands of enlisted fans marking a new era for 'Rock-N-Roll'. This first video is an early demo soundtrack playing a much faster version of 'Detroit Rock City'. This amazing and rare studio mix clearly reflects a guitar style influenced by Ace Frehley's personal guitar artistry of pure metal electricity. A dedicated life wired into a Gibson Les Paul guitar cranking through a wall of Custom Marshalls. Life doesn't get much better than that There's not much more one can write about Kiss that hasn't already been done except to say, "there's only "1" Kiss band and that's the original lineup". A perfect synergy of rock guitar duos and the amazing talents of Peter Criss and Ace Frehley are so much more apparent when these four originals become a working unit while the powers that be stop dragging in a couple of disturbed and confusing wash-out substitutes that have two huge sets of boots to fill, never mind a huge set of gonads. Remembering back how Peter Criss named the band "KISS" and Ace Frehley designed the original graphics for the logo "KISS", first hit song was a ballad - "Beth" written by Peter Criss and out of all the hardest hitting KISS songs, they were all Ace Frehley's songs that stood out the most within the classic KISS genre and continues to lead a smashing successful solo career in many incantations of hard-rock metal. Most notable was Frehleys Comet featuring, now legendary, "The Emperor Of Rock", Richie Scarlet, John "Skinny" Regan or Will Lee on Bass and Anton Fig or Rock powerhouse drummer, "Steve Budgie" Werner.

David Bowie Avant Garde Extraordinaire

Who was the real David Bowie through years of many physical and musical transformations? Successfully reinventing himself exemplifying the definition of 'Avant Garde' in the purest sense of the term. Constantly in an ever changing moment of creating while possessed with untamed, wild-boy, English genius. Bowie lead us through his whirlwind life carousel of bold, brash and futuristic characters within his musical career, reflecting many personal inner demons that haunted him and exposed the painful process of an extraordinary artists metamorphosis. Flagrantly flaunting flamboyant fashion and a efemminite persona, Bowie was undoubtedly reeping the reputation and wealth to be the quintesential "Glam" rock star while shedding the ugly skins of a decadent chameleon like creature. Much like his close friend and contemporary, Marc Bolan, Bowie initially set out as a Folk Guitar artist before producer, Tony Visconti, led both stars to the electric guitar, skyrocketing both their careers. Fans, fellow artists, also took notice of his versatile songwriting abilities coupled with his unconventional Glamish androgynous stage presence, David Bowie was now a musical force to be reckoned with teaming up with UK's hottest guitarists, Mick Ronson, formerly Mott The Hoople.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Marc Bolan Glam Personified

Marc Bolan, glam fashion icon, emerged from the "mod" scene about the mid-60's and became hugely popular in 1970 as Marc Bolan and T. Rex. Before achieving any record deals or pop stardom, Bolan was a model for various magazines and commercials sporting the "mod" look and bold fashion wear of Italian clothing designers. Combined with a bright psychedelic inspired apparel, the "glam" persona was quite stunning and sometimes effeminate. The term, "mods", translates as Modernist - a progressive extension of the beat generation - Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg and William S Burroughs. In stark contrast of the social opposition in their generation were the "rockers", still sporting their 1950's style leather jackets and blue jeans, as portrayed in Pete Towshend's movie, "Quadrophenia". A sort of two separately defined classes of sub-culture youths clashing into a high-spirited social awakening amongst British society, characterized as the "mods" vs. "rockers". Mods were also notorious for ingesting substances such as Benzedrine - Amphetamine pills, Mandrax, LSD-25 tabs, Hash/Cannabis and alcohol as a constant mainstay. The "Glam" scene undoubtedly embraced Bolan as a trend-setter and he was very close to Syd Barret, pop music icon as original singer/songwriter and musical director of the psychedelic band, The Pink Floyd. Other notable rock stars close to Bolan were Rod Stewart, Ronnie Wood, Elton John and collaborations with Jeff Lynne (Electric Light Orchestra), Ringo Starr and androgynous, avant-garde artist, David Bowie. Marc Bolan's songwriting talent is quite apparent in smooth tunes like "Get It On", "20th Century Boy", "Children of the Revolution" and "Metal Guru", all of which have become rock anthems within the classic rock genre and get heavy radio play here in the states from East to West.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Rock-N-Roll Royalty Richie Scarlet Rifleman Riff Master Part I

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Emperor of Rock, Richie Scarlet, has quite an illustrious career presently cranking out high decibel guitar riffs forming his new hard-hitting band - "The Richie Scarlet Show". Possessed with pure musical talent and raw adrenalin, Glam-Rocker Richie Scarlet leaves audiences completely spellbound and hypnotized with his high energy performances unmatched by any of his contemporaries, night after night. His musical resume reads like an NYC phone book sized encyclopedia of rock stars ranging from Kiss guitarist, Ace Frehley, Kiss drummer, Peter Criss, on to Sebastion Bach from Skidrow, Leslie West of Mountain, Corky Laing, Mark Hitt - Rat Race Choir and John Entwistle Band, Alice Cooper, Dennis Dunaway, Carmine Appice, as the list just goes on and on, Richie Scarlet has successfully carved out an eclectic musical history within the hard rock genre.
On a personal level, one couldn't ever come across such a more humble and generous guy, spending over-time signing autographs while mingling with dedicated fans here in the States and spanning the globe in Japan, Hong-Kong, Australia, England, Germany and Holland. Richie's most recent CD release, 'Fever', showcases a rich cornucopia of finely crafted hard rock songs featuring "March Of The Crimson Ones". A curiously alluring electric guitar journey, hypnotically leading us through a series of multi-layered stellar guitar segments climaxing into an epic dual solo arrangement. Elegantly searing through an ethereal synergy that scorches the midnight hour with laser precision licks, ritualistically intoxicating the masses into a state of purified hysteria......culminating into a Heavy Metal Baptism. Whispers of a digitally re-mastered box-set are floating about including all solo releases and a special edition including live performances of unreleased collaborations. Tirelessly maintaining a busy itinerary while naturally reinventing himself, new projects are emerging as fans can expect a new video release in May of Richie and Dee Snyder (Twisted Sister) covering a cool version of "Mack The Knife" - part of Dee's new CD release titled - "Dee Does Broadway". Expect this project to turn some heads showcasing a classic song with a progressive twist of Rock-n-Roll wizardry.