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Monday, April 30, 2012

Gods of Thunder - KISS - Featuring Ace Frehley and Company

Immortal Metal Gods, KISS, fired their high velocity silver bullets from their hips of dangling whips and chains while reveling in the moments of the dark-glam, macho-glitz, image, central within their characters in this pact of secretive existence through a self-imposed exile of macabre and elaborate make-up prep while heavily cloaked in tight, multi-layered, leather garb. KISS, single-handedly adrenalized and turned on a generation of youth that manifested into a global phenomena boasting a full-on standing KISS ARMY of thousands of enlisted fans marking a new era for 'Rock-N-Roll'. This first video is an early demo soundtrack playing a much faster version of 'Detroit Rock City'. This amazing and rare studio mix clearly reflects a guitar style influenced by Ace Frehley's personal guitar artistry of pure metal electricity. A dedicated life wired into a Gibson Les Paul guitar cranking through a wall of Custom Marshalls. Life doesn't get much better than that There's not much more one can write about Kiss that hasn't already been done except to say, "there's only "1" Kiss band and that's the original lineup". A perfect synergy of rock guitar duos and the amazing talents of Peter Criss and Ace Frehley are so much more apparent when these four originals become a working unit while the powers that be stop dragging in a couple of disturbed and confusing wash-out substitutes that have two huge sets of boots to fill, never mind a huge set of gonads. Remembering back how Peter Criss named the band "KISS" and Ace Frehley designed the original graphics for the logo "KISS", first hit song was a ballad - "Beth" written by Peter Criss and out of all the hardest hitting KISS songs, they were all Ace Frehley's songs that stood out the most within the classic KISS genre and continues to lead a smashing successful solo career in many incantations of hard-rock metal. Most notable was Frehleys Comet featuring, now legendary, "The Emperor Of Rock", Richie Scarlet, John "Skinny" Regan or Will Lee on Bass and Anton Fig or Rock powerhouse drummer, "Steve Budgie" Werner.

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