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Monday, April 30, 2012

David Bowie Avant Garde Extraordinaire

Who was the real David Bowie through years of many physical and musical transformations? Successfully reinventing himself exemplifying the definition of 'Avant Garde' in the purest sense of the term. Constantly in an ever changing moment of creating while possessed with untamed, wild-boy, English genius. Bowie lead us through his whirlwind life carousel of bold, brash and futuristic characters within his musical career, reflecting many personal inner demons that haunted him and exposed the painful process of an extraordinary artists metamorphosis. Flagrantly flaunting flamboyant fashion and a efemminite persona, Bowie was undoubtedly reeping the reputation and wealth to be the quintesential "Glam" rock star while shedding the ugly skins of a decadent chameleon like creature. Much like his close friend and contemporary, Marc Bolan, Bowie initially set out as a Folk Guitar artist before producer, Tony Visconti, led both stars to the electric guitar, skyrocketing both their careers. Fans, fellow artists, also took notice of his versatile songwriting abilities coupled with his unconventional Glamish androgynous stage presence, David Bowie was now a musical force to be reckoned with teaming up with UK's hottest guitarists, Mick Ronson, formerly Mott The Hoople.

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